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Remove This: Guns & Aliens utilizes blockchain gaming technology for this top down/third person wave-based shooter. Mine Kudoken [MATIC] crypto currency live in game as players survive waves of aliens and release the “test subjects” from the hyperbaric chambers. This free to play video game mining experience is not graphics card dependent and uses proprietary blockchain technology.
Remove This: Guns & Aliens will launch on mobile platforms [via Google Play and iOS] and PC. Contribution to the Kickstarter guarantees BETA access with the first chance to play and collect the 5 million KDU pool. Support unlocks new stretch goals:
Remove This: Guns & Aliens will launch on mobile platforms [via Google Play and iOS] and PC. Contribution to the Kickstarter guarantees BETA access with the first chance to play and collect the 5 million KDU pool. Support unlocks new stretch goals:


In Remove This: Guns & Aliens (RT:G&A) your discovery has only begun as you start the mission selecting Stephen, Alaskan, or Phoenix to navigate your quest for survival. Players assume the role of Astro miners and learn about Astro-X [the corporation], the “mars” expedition, and progress to escape the lab through the underground bunker.


RT:G&A is a Top down/Third Person survival shooter where players work to defeat waves of aliens as they try to escape the surface base into the underground mines. The door to the mines are stuck in a pressure lock system and players must work to override the power system and release the locked doors. The power system is linked to the hyperbaric chambers that house four “test subjects” in the laboratory. In order to over-ride the power, you must release the test subjects from their hyperbaric chambers then escape the alien attack into the bunker.
Players survive rounds while collecting keycards to unlock the hyperbaric chamber from the release consoles. Once players have obtained (3) keycards, they head to the lab, and release a test subject. Players must destroy the test subjects one at a time as they progress through the objective of releasing the pressure lock system. Once players have destroyed the test subject, they continue the fight surviving waves of aliens in order to collect all the keycards needed to release the chambers and ultimate override the system.
With nauseous gas plumes cutting off the outside environment, security pillars restricting access to the base, and waves of aliens thwarting the Astro-miners’ objectives. Players will need to survive 100 rounds, destroy the 4 test subjects, and escape into the underground bunker!!


Crypto Mining

End of Pay 2 Play

RT:G&A is a free to play Mobile and PC game that drops redeemable tokens live as a reward for players. Currently games like Fortnite, Call of Duty, NBA 2k and many other AAA titles expect gamers to pay to receive aesthetic upgrades; sometimes even limiting game progress. These upgrades are received when players buy game specific crypto/token currencies [example: v-bucks, COD points, VC]. These in-game currencies are sold on centralized platforms like Steam, Microsoft store, and PlayStation store. Not only enabling corporations who run the game to profit from microtransaction, but also the platforms listed above. All of this at gamers expense! This is called pay to play.
We end that methodology using a Play 2 Earn model that rewards players for loyalty and progress. After years of pouring countless hours into games only to have progress erased when an updated version releases… this happens no more. You can redeem KDU tokens for limited edition merchandise and proudly display your allegiance or keep as a collector’s item. As well, rewards will have specialized packages, digital content, in game aesthetic upgrades, digital media art NFT’s and more. The only goal is creating content that is awesome and gamers are excited to receive.
We also work with independent artists and up and coming projects to provide great content while maintaining creative control. 100% independent and decentralized with direction coming from the developers and community.

Blockchain technology

Collect in game Kudoken (MATIC) crypto currency tokens and decide where you want to spend the rewards. Rewards tokens utilize blockchain technology allowing gamers the freedom to choose how they want to use the collected coins. In game weapons & armor upgrades, digital & physical media, and limited-edition merchandise is all up for grabs in the rewards store.
Another amazing feature of blockchain technology is the ability to swap tokens for popular crypto currencies via exchange. Kudoken operates on both MATIC and Ethereum blockchains giving players the ability to trade tokens inside pools of either backed token.
Utilizing blockchain technology allows us to control the distribution of the rewards without the need for Microsoft, PS store, Steam, or any other platform involvement. We can use the platforms for game distribution and stay in control of the token allocation. Win-win!

Lunar Rocks

Collect lunar rocks throughout the game as you progress; the longer you live, the more you earn. Lunar rocks have different values depending on type; allocation of lunar rocks happens as both RNG drops and with boss battles {test subjects} or milestones. After the game is over [via defeat or objective completion] lunar rocks are tallied and KDU distribution happens instantly to integrated web 3.0 wallets.


Stephen - Assault Rifle

Stephen aka Football_Star was recruited to the space program during the “mars” expedition planning phase at its infancy. As a native Floridian he was exposed to the Astro-X program at an early age. When he was young, he stared blankly out the window often and would occasionally say things that raised the eyebrow of everyone around him. After questions of his competency lead to an IQ test, they found out it was exactly the opposite.
He is a mathematical genius with a high-level understanding of physics and astronomy. He went on to college on an accelerated program, while also showing off his above average athleticism. Freshman year led to a breakout football season; though his career was cut short after a low clip from the defense took out a knee leaving him down on the field. With his unprecedented mathematical prowess, he was considered an integral addition to the “Mars” expedition.

Alaskan-Shotgunner (Boom Stick!)

Cold as Alaska, astro-x shotgunner Alaskan is a loose cannon. An avid motorcyclist he is constantly testing the limits of reality. No one is really sure how he got to the mar expedition and his file is considered confidential, yet no one has ever seen the file. His name is not in the military database and his position is undefined. At one time he headed the mechanics shop and did all the heavy artillery vehicle maintenance on base.
It has been several years since he was “relieved” of that position and yet he remains a paid military employee. Some speculate it would cost more to send him home than it is worth, but his constant boozing and questionable behavior were becoming increasingly concerning as rhetoric was shifting towards an intervention.

Phoenix-Light Machine Gun (LMG)

From Australia, Phoenix does not shy to things that go bump in the night.An avid knife collector and tactical hands weapons specialist. Dylan “Phoenix Fl4re” Pitt is a special forces agent turned Astro-x space ranger from the “Cosmo” division. He joined onto the “Mars” expedition after being specially selected because of extreme combat abilities and weapons development skills.
Referred to as a “Tony Stark” type, Phoenix builds and weaponizes Astro suits with the latest technology and runs the R&D department. Phoenix believes his work will adapt Astro-x space suits to become mechanized weapons systems enhancing ranger capabilities. He is also working towards construction upgrades to allow single operator controlled tunneling, lifting, and speed enhancements for upgraded mining capabilities.



The AAI design features an in-line stock with a bullpup 20-millimeter grenade launcher mounted above a 5.56-by-45-millimeter, AR-style assault rifle. The AAI weapon boasts an advanced optics with a built-in laser rangefinder
The grenade launcher uses ballistic computer and rangefinder technology to pre-set the grenades to explode above or next to targets, allowing the shooter to engage concealed targets. Warhead options included high-explosive and fragmentation.
This OICW has also inspired the M320 grenade launcher and the XM25 air-burst munitions system.

TrackingPoint .338 ShadowTrax8 Laser Sniper

American company TrackingPoint produces rifles with precision-guided technology that calculate the range of a target and optimize the gun accordingly. The ShadowTrax 8 is TrackingPoint’s all-purpose gun and is a long-range rifle system that was the first precision guided firearm. Semi-automatic variants are available in 7.62 NATO, 5.56 NATO and .300 BLK.
It can acquire and hit targets traveling at 20 mph (32 km/h) within 2.5 seconds. The rifle is 45 in (110 cm) long with a 22 in (560 mm) barrel weighing 15.4 lb (7.0 kg). It can be used with the company’s ShotGlass wearable glasses that transmits what the scope is seeing to the shooter’s eye.
In January 2014, the U.S. Army purchased six TrackingPoint fire control systems to begin exploring purported key target acquisition and aiming technologies. The Army has integrated the system onto the XM2010 Enhanced Sniper Rifle for military testing.

‘PHASR’ Rifle

PHASR stands for “personal halting and stimulation response”. It was developed by the US Department of Defense and is non-lethal; instead, it’s intended to temporarily blind its targets with lasers, whereupon they can be apprehended.

Daniel Defense MK-18

The MK18 is a 10.3 inch short, barreled AR-15 made by Daniel Defense. It’s grown in popularity in large part due to its utilization by Special Operators wielding it in the global war on terror. It will do most anything your typical AR-15 can do but better – with a couple of caveats.

M249 Light Machine Gun

The M249 light machine gun, also known as the M249 Squad Automatic Weapon, which continues to be the manufacturer’s designation, and formally written as Light Machine Gun, 5.56 mm, M249, is the American adaptation of the Belgian FN Minimi, a light machine gun manufactured by the Belgian company FN


Fire Breath

Just as the class name states these nasty things breath fire and do damage. The strongest of all enemy archetypes be weary of these guys especially in later rounds when the types gang up!


Relax your mind and let your conscious… do damage!? The Kinetic type cause all sorts of problems with their mind powered radius damage. In groups these guys can reap havoc on your health bar.


It’s a spitting snake… well sort of. If its green it might have spoiled and that’s exactly the case with the Poison variant. They bite it gets infected, they spit and it melts your arm off. You know the type! Reptile ain’t got nothing on this archetypes mucus membrane.


Affectionately called a Lunk at Planet Fitness these guys definitely lift bro. Big, bad, and stronger than ever this is not the guy you want to pick a fight with at the bar.

Test Subjects

You must escape the lab, but first there are some experiments cooped up in the Hyperbaric chambers to deal with. If I had to guess, they won’t be too happy when released. All that poking and prodding makes them change colors and want to rip you in two!!


Remove This: Guns & Aliens (RT:G&A) draws inspiration from the creators Team ZomB Gaming and their love for Call of duty Zombies. Team ZomB the original zombies clan competed at the Call of Duty XP event in 2011 taking 2nd and 3rd place in the zombies competition on Moon.
RT:G&A is the first game in the series and is already primed for substantial completion. The Kickstarter will support the continued expansion into the underground bunker and a brand-new FPS variant already through concept phase. There is so much more to go as we embark on the origins of the Mars expedition.
Team ZomB Tier 1 Squad Member RipCity TM at COD XP 2011
Team ZomB Tier 1 Squad Member RipCity TM at COD XP 2011


Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry

Exclusive theme song "Perfect Peace" by Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry [ March 20, 1936- August 29, 2021]
Exclusive theme song "Perfect Peace" by Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry [ March 20, 1936- August 29, 2021]
A pioneer to reggae audio engineering and video game music legend. Lee ascended to the heavens in August 2021 leaving the music and gaming world without his vision and timeless sound. Proceeds from the nft will assist Lee’s wife (Miri) with his LSP community vision and honor his legacy through the release of his works. We are honored to have “Perfect Peace” unreleased music debut on the game as the official franchise theme song and to continue his works of truth.

Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry

Up and coming underground hip hop producer Johnny Slash burst onto the scene with his hard-hitting drum samples and love for his mashine pads. Creating a following from streaming and social media posts, Slash caught attention because of his laissez-faire attitude, pounding boom-bap tracks, and bright colored mashine demos. Contributing a substantial portion of the in-game rhythms heard throughout the survival soundtrack if you do not know his body of work you will soon!

Lofi-Beats Official

Lo-Fi beat maker/enthusiast, lofi beats is known for laid back simplistic lo-fi inspired rhythms. Lofi Beats Official (LBO) created the Kickstarter teaser track “Hello Neil and Buzz” and contributes often on the survival music soundtrack and ambient textures.


Digital Poster

Weapon NFT: "TZ's Purple Passion" M249-

The Purple Varient paying homage to Team ZomB’s sub colorway. This playable weapon skin will is also a registered collectible minted on the blockchain. This means the item is yours to keep and is trackable so you have provable/transferable abilities with the art and in-game content as an NFT.


"The Struggle is Real"
"The Struggle is Real"
Remove This Poster T
Remove This Poster T


Team ZomB Gaming Logo Hoodie
Team ZomB Gaming Logo Hoodie
Remove This All Gold Thangs Hoodie
Remove This All Gold Thangs Hoodie

Premium Hooded Zip-Up

Premium Poly Zip-Up w/ Hood
Premium Poly Zip-Up w/ Hood

Risks and challenges

The biggest challenges we’ve run into deal with exposure… marketing is expensive and word of mouth is everything. We have an amazing project that we have worked hard on and care deeply about. Now it’s time to spread the word and social media is hard to beat the algorithms with alone. We need an audience in our demographic; crowdsourcing will assist with generating budget to spread the word. The cost of development was facilitated solely by the team, so having assistance to show the fruits of our labor will be amazing.
The other challenge lies in the brand new technology we are showcasing. In the next 5-10 years I believe blockchain gaming will be the norm, not the rarity. It takes projects like ours getting off the ground to let people in on the benefits of blockchain. We aim to be a major force in the industry for years to come and RT:G&A will be our ground breaking project.

Environmental commitments

Long-lasting design

Through the continued use of assets and game development. with blockchain gaming we are able to continue the fight across the same developed platform giving longevity to the game assets you collect. This means less waste monetarily for the consumer and development team.

Environmentally friendly factories

Currently in crypto currency there is a big red stain on the industry because of GPU mining and the issues with power consumption and wasted materials from burning out GPUs. This adds lithium to the landfills, creates strain on commerce, and gives a bad light to mining practices as a whole. Our project utilizes safe mining and mobile gaming to distribute/mine tokens relieving these strains on GPU resources and power consumption. A big win-win for blockchain gaming and crypto farming/mining.

Sustainable Distribution

Most of our products are digital and use tokens as resources eliminating packaging and physical product waste. We also use recycled and environmentally friendly merchandise products as much as possible for our clothing and sublimate merch.

Pledge $5 or more

Suit up

Get BETA access with a guaranteed 5 Million KDU (MATIC) rewards tokens available in game to BETA participants.


Estimated Delivery

Feb 2022

Pledge $20 or more

Mars Adopter

he support level for our true community supporters. This level includes BETA access as well as a digital poster and exclusive weapon skin. This weapon skin comes as both an in-game playable weapon and digital art piece. These items are only available through the kickstarter and will never be offered again.


Estimated Delivery

Feb 2022

Pledge $125 or more

Astro-X Miner

Proudly display your allegiance in the fight against the aliens with the limited edition t-shirt and sticker bundle. You will receive all previous rewards including the weapon, digital art (poster and weapon), and discord role. You will also receive the sticker bundle and a choice from the “Struggle is Real” or “Team ZomB” T-shirts. As well, a highlighted end game credits designation for our Astro-x tier supporters.



Mar 2022


Anywhere in the world

Pledge $1000 or more

Gold Tier: The Highest Order

The Highest Order!! Show that you mean business with the first exclusive playable character skin the “Golden Astronaut” . As true gamers our development team knows the value of rare, exclusive, and discontinued items; so we wanted our Kickstarter to offer awesome exclusive content. We delivered!! You will receive all previous rewards as well as a special end game credits tribute, Kickstarter exclusive premium zip-up hooded sweatshirt, and the playable character skin. This is the ultimate reward from our team to you.



Mar 2022


Anywhere in the world

Limited (100 left of 100)

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